Thursday, July 14, 2016

Black Pearl

Hey-hey, dear readers!
Bem Cosados... Bolo de Milho... Feijoada... Pastéis de Forno...
Say it and feel like it sounds. These words are melting on the tongue.
True gourmets already understand what I'm saying about. It`s all Brazilian cuisine.
And its taste is fantastic. Delicate like a hug and hot like a devil!
I`d like to have opportunity to taste it every time I want to. And everywhere, of course. I told you I live in to cities - Rio and New York. That is why I decided to open a Brazilian restaurant in NY on the Hudson River pier. So I have meeting with the architects to discuss some details. I can tell you that the working title of the project is "Black Pearl". But I can change my mind. I choose between it and "Cocada". Anyway you are all invited to the opening =)