Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lights! Camera! Action!

Hello dear friends!
Today I want to talk to the actors and the fans of the series.
Probably, each actor or actress remembers his/her first role. Except me: I remember a lot of other people's first roles. Because I started my career as an assistant director. I saw young actors, their excitement, their happiness when success comes.

My own first role was a bit part. A role of the two words. Do you recognize? Yes it's me. I play the grieving girlfriend of the deceased hero in the series "When you are powerless". Many people say that I am not look similar to myself in this frame. Maybe because of the haircolor? But I change it very often. Its color depends on my mood. And because of the make-up, of course.

A real leading role I got in the series "The Rich Shall Inherit" based on the novel of Elizabeth Adler. I have never concealed that my talant was opened by the famous in the world of the sims producer Melissa Gordon and I`m still grateful for this her in-time kick for me.

Then were some shooting in video clips, a few contacts in the series, which have not seen the world lately. And the small role in the series "The Prophecy" - a series where I work as assistant director. There I am...see?.. there... embracing a man... on the background... ha-ha...

And finally, my boss and the director decided that I had grown to a leading role. It was the role of Martha in the mysterious and mystical series "The Ratcatcher". Currently the shooting is going on. Not as fast as I wish, but it goes.The several series were released, but I'm still shaking like a leaf before each scene. This is new for me, an interesting experience and famous actors around me. There serious reasons for shaking. But I hope that I`m dealing with this role, and you will enjoy the show.

Motor! Camera! Action!

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