Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dancing queen... only seventeen

Hello, dear travellers!
How is your vacation?!
Have I mentioned that Rio is a neverending vacation? So it is! My kids and some of my friends are spending their summer there. I have some work at NY & LA right now. But I`m going to be with them as soon as I can.

So here is my lovely girl, my beautiful Yasmina. She`s laughing and dancing. My little princess. Oh, I`m sorry - queen, sure - queen =) She is happy spending her time with best friends. So I am happy too.
By the way, about her friends. Amanda or Mandy as we call her. Three or four weeks ago she was a little schoolgirl. But look at her now. She grew up and became pretty just like a.. flower!

Leo is a son of my friend Joselyne. I told you about her. So they are in Rio too. Their family had very bad times at spring. But for now they are looking good,  you can see it.
Have fun my dears, I`ll be with you very soon.
And to all of you who has vacation recently - have a nice days!

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