Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day out with Mila

Hello! How are you doing?
I`m gonna tell you about one of my friends. Me and Mila Smith know each other long, Mila? I guess one or two hundreds years. We met at different ceremonies, at fashion weeks etc. So we both are kind of busy persons. That`s why, unfortunately, we couldn`t find time to meet just like a friends.

But few days ago Mile went to NY so we could meet and spend day together. We visited one of my favourite restaurant. No-no, I`m not gonna tell you which exactly. Private life, you know =)
We talked a lot, shared the last news. And you know that Mila is a famous and succesfull architect and interior designer. So she gave me some great advices about my future Brazilian restaurant.

At the end of the evening we took a fresh air on the roof and made some photos to remember this day. It was a very nice day. Thank you, Mila, for our meeting and for being my friend!


  1. Hi! Where do you download all of this wicked clothes? I love it.

  2. Hi, Sofia! I`ve got it here: and

  3. Heh, you do live up well in that role of playing a sim. Ain't making a machinima something?