Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends!
No, I haven`t lost my mind. Vice versa. I found an old, dear to my heart photo. This picture of my dearest, best friends ever. We were together on the New Year carnival some time ago.
Here is Joselyne. She is very tiny, but her charisma is very strong. She`s a very sapient woman. Just like mommy - she`s great at advise. Jozie was beside me at the worst moments of my life. She was my support and my strength. May be because she knows by herself what the pain and betrayal are.

Leona...she`s...otherwise...She is the weakest  of us three. She needs our help and the shoulder. I`d say she is still a baby in her heart. Her life is not simple. Just like a slalom, you know. But in despite of all this Leona knows that she always has us and we always beside her.

People say that it`s imposible to have many friends. I`m a lucky. I have a friendship that is time-tested. How about you?

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