Monday, June 20, 2016

Sweet 17, double 5

Hello, my dears.
I haven`t posted here for a long time, there was some work. But today I have something to share with you.

In early June, it was the birthday of my children - Yasmina and twins. She is 17, and twins had their first anniversary, they are 5 already. We decided to celebrate  at our home in SimsCity because me and my daughter Yasmina have many friends here, we`d like to meet some of them.
It was a children`s party. Me and my friend Joselyne were "plus 1" of our kids. So, this is Yasmina, her friends Amanda and Leo. Leo was especially dear guest, because some time ago he was seriously injured and... Gosh, we almost lost him. But now he is well and we are all so happy. By the way, Leo is in love with Yasmina, but unrequited.

Our modest sweet fruit table. Only a couple of cocktail of alcohol. For adults only. Although, as you can see, children were not very interested in eating.

And this is a gift to Yasmina from her grandfather, my dad. He considered that Yasmina ia adult enough for such gift. And she.. well, she's just happy.

It was a good sunny day, and dear to my heart meeting. Meetings with friends became so rare lately.
Happy Birthday, my sweethearts!

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