Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hi, beauties!
How is your day? Tuesday. You`re in the offices now, I guess. I could be there too.
Have I mentioned that I was supose to be the lawyer? No. I`m not kidding. 

I have graduated from the law school of Yale. My dad dreamed about the private lawyer in his hotel empire. But I had another dream. I`ll tell you more about my dad later.

For now I want to say that I`m a lawyer in fact. I do not practice but from time to time I help my friends to handle their juridical problems. I was the lawyer in a court for my friend Joselyne and for my model Rachel when it was about their divorces. And for my chief Logan when he was in trouble. I did for them the best I could. You might hear it from media.

I`d rather say that life is a kind of strange thing, it has a strange turns. Model-lawyer...huh, just think about it. BUT I know some more talanted people with the same  situation. I mean - no matter what your parents want and dream of, just go ahead to your personal dream.

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