Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Beautiful Lady

Hello dears!
Let me introduce to you a pretty lady - Yasmina. She is 17. Five days ago there was her 17th Birthday. She`s with me since she was 11. Yes, Yasmina is my adopted daughter but I feel like we are one-blooded. She is everything to me: my love, my hope, my pride.

Next year Yasmie graduated from high school and so she`s preparing for admission to Yale University. I did the same way when I was teen. I believe she will like the Yale because many interesting events are waiting for her there.
Currently Yasmina works as my model, spends time with her friends and reads a lot. Also she likes travels very much, so I`m planning the summer for us.


  1. Are u going to let us download them

    1. No, I`m sorry, I`m not. These are my role play characters