Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hi, it`s me!

Hi everybody!
I`m Mirna Stainford and this is my blog. I was born on March, 10 in 198... no matter... in the best city of the world - New York. I`m a model, television personality, talk show host, producer, actress, fashion designer and business woman. So here we`ll be talking about fashion and show-biz.

Also I`m a mother and the wife. My husband Jose Menandes is brasilian macho and the famous fashion designer. And we have four kids: Yasmina (adopted girl), twins Jade and Jaden (from the previous marriage) and Ivo. 
I live in two cities - my hometown New York and Rio. Sometimes I travel to Paris where is my heart always in.
What else... Oh, I adore colombian emeralds and I hate cooking. When I cook some toasts  then you can find them on the ceiling. Don`t ask me how.
So that`s all about me. Welcome to my world.

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