Monday, June 6, 2016

Rio is heaven on Earth

Have you ever been in heaven? I did. I discovered Rio some years ago and this city has stole my heart for ever. Rio is a real heaven for all the sinners. I just can`t give it another name. This city, this country are giving me the reasons to go on. Especially when I`m in despair, I go here and all my hurt is taking away from me. I guess it`s because of its atmosphere and amazing brasilian people. 

I have some friends here. My best one is Susan. She`s a shopgirl from the Sao Paolo. She makes incredible hot chocolate and knows all the world`s news. She never bores me, never. 

 On the planet`s other side
Where the ocean`s shining bright
Between the mountains silhouettes
There is amazing paradise.
Christ is hugging it with arms
Defending from the hurt and dramas
Rio`s known by everyone
The city of the dreams and samba.

So if you need a second breath to go on or the new bright emotions - welcome to Rio!

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